Set the relative/maximum error tolerances for the ODE solver


merror <variable name> = <relative error tolerance>

xerror <variable name> = <absolute error tolerance>


The MERROR and XERROR statements are used to set the relative and absolute (respectively) error tolerances used by the ODE integrators in Magnolia.  Each of these statements declares a variable used to hold the value of associated tolerance.  These may be treated similarly to a CONSTANT, in that the values may be set externally from the CSL code (e.g., in script code) prior to a simulation run.

The error tolerances used by variable step size ODE integration algorithms work in conjunction with the minimum and maximum integration step size set using the MINTERVAL and MAXTERVAL statements.  See the MINTERVAL/MAXTERVAL topic for additional details.


merror merr = 1e-10

xerror xerr = 1e-12