Start a simulation run


start @hold @nruns=<number of runs>


The START command is used to initial one or more simulation runs, using the model specified in the previous LOAD command.  In its simplest form, the START command runs the simulation once using the current set of model parameter value prescribed by a SET statements prior to the START statement.  Any variables included on the PREPARE list are recorded for later plotting or printing.

If the optional @hold and @nruns arguments are included, the simulation is run multiple times, with parameter values randomly sampled from distributions specified in previous SET statements.  All run outputs (i.e., variables on the PREPARE list) are accumulated into a single buffer, which can then be sent to the output window or a file using the PRINT command, or to a plot using the PLOT command.


prepare t c_ven

set sc_vmax=0.0026 @dist=norm @mean=0.0026 @std=0.0008

start @hold @nruns=20

print @file='temp.csv' t c_ven