Specify model outputs to be logged at each communication interval


prepare <model output 1> <model output 2> …

prepare @clear


The PREPARE command is used to specify which model output values should be recorded at each communication interval for later output to the screen, to a file, or on a plot.  Note that the PREPARE list is cumulative: that is, the prepare command adds the specified model variables to a running list of variables to record.  In order to clear this list, use the @clear flag.

Note that in order to use the PRINT or PLOT commands with a model variable, the time history of that variable needs to have been recorded on the previous simulation run, meaning the output variable needs to have been included in a PREPARE statement prior to the simulation run.  Attempting to PLOT or PRINT a model variable which was not include on a prepare list prior to the last simulation run will result in an error.


prepare t x y z