Comment lines are used to add documentation to a CSL model file by denoting lines of text which should be ignored by the translator.  Any text following the exclamation mark (!) on a line of code indicates that the text following the mark should be treated as a comment.

     ! This is a comment

The line continuation marker ("..." ellipsis) is used at the end of a line of code to indicate that the current statement is continued on the following line.  This is convenient for long equations which cannot be easily written on a single line of code.

! Example of a long equation broken over 3 lines of code using a line continuation marker
rAV = qMu*CMu/KpMu + qTe*CTe/KpTe + qAd*CAd/KpAd + qSk*CSk/KpSk + qHrt*CHrt/KpHrt ...
		+ qBr*CBr/KpBr + qLi*CLi/KpLi + qKi*CKi/KpKi + qRe*CRe/KpRe + ivdoserate ...
		- qV*CV